Zoom: What is it and how do you use Zoom?

Did you recently get an invitation for an “online meeting” in Zoom? In our series of articles for Zoom, we help everyone to use Zoom. Our articles mostly focus on the basics. Installing Zoom, attending a meeting and using basic functionality during a Zoom meeting. Basically, our article will answer the But the question most of you might have, is: What is Zoom?

Why so many people use Zoom

Zoom is an application that became very popular very fast, amongst companies and individuals. Zoom is a tool to hold online meetings. Thanks to the camera and microphone of your tablet or PC, people can hear and see you. This allows you to have online conversations. They’re a convenient way to meet people when you can’t get together in a single place.

Of course, Zoom isn’t the only tool you can use for online meetings. But it’s quickly become the best known brand. The reason for that, is obvious; using Zoom is very simple. We could bore you with details to back that up. We’re not going to do that, because you probably don’t care (or understand). You just want to know what Zoom is, and what you’re expected to do with it.

Like we said, using Zoom is very simple. However, the first stap is installing Zoom on your device. Zoom is available for Windows and Mac, but also for tablets and phones. That means you can use Zoom on nearly every internet-connected device you might own!

You can download Zoom here:

What do do if you’re invited for a meeting

If you want to setup your own meeting, you’d need to make an account after which you’d be expected to setup and organize your meeting. We might add information on how to do this later.

However, most people will be invited to attend a Zoom-meeting organised by someone else. When you receive such a link, install Zoom from one of the links above. Then, click the link in the invitation on the device you installed Zoom on. You’ll automatically be joining the Zoom meeting and the Zoom app will be started. By following the steps on the screen, you’ll connect to the Zoom meeting. We’ll add more information to this section if required. Feel free to ask about it in the comments!

When you’ve joined the meeting, there’s different actions you can perform. Our article about how to enable and disable your sound and camera might be useful for you.

Some Zoom tips

  • Don’t turn on your microphone if you don’t have to
  • However, make sure your microphone is not on “mute” when it’s your turn to talk!
  • When joining a meeting, change the display name. Nothing is more confusing than a “Galaxy Tab 10A” joining a meeting.
  • Zoom meetings can be recorded and the host can reread chat conversations. So behave!
  • Don’t remove the Zoom-invitation straight away. It’s possible that you’ll need the link again.

Got more questions? Check our FAQ for more Zoom answer. Click here

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