About “From App To Zip”

Hey there, curious visitor. First of all, thank you for visiting our website. I see you’re curious to find out who’s behind this website. We understand. That’s why we’re introducing yourself!

The goal of this website, “From App To Zip”, is to help beginners to work with modern technology. To do that, we focus mostly on tablets, computers, websites and applications that most people will use at some point. To help beginners as good as possible, we are using the following principles:

  • A visitor only needs minimal knowledge to follow our tips and tutorials.
  • All content is broken down in the smallest possible steps
  • We’re using as much video and images as possible. You know the saying: A screenshot is worth a thousant helpdesk tickets!

We want to achieve that technology becomes an ally to people, not a source of frustration. The idea is that we want to help everyone get the most out of modern technology. Whether it’s to relax, stay in touch with people or sometimes because you have to, caused by a changing society.

Our target audience?

We’re trying to help as big of an audience as possible. Young and old. Tablet user or PC-warrior. Everyone who needs a simple explanation about something that might seem trivial to others, is more than welcome. Advanced users might find this website less usefull, although our manuals can help anyone who’s confronted with new technology.

About the author(s)

This website is an initiative by Steven Zeegers. Steven is an IT professional who has been writing articles and tutorials on technology for decades. He started this website because he noticed that there’s simply not enough resources to help absolute beginners. This website is his attempt to give these people a boost in the right direction.

“From App To Zip” is a part of the Strixlabs family. It belongs to a group of blogs on technology such as PowerUserGuide.com and DIYWebsiteGuide.com, blogs that are each targetting other different target groups.

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